In photography, nothing is as important as learning how to clean camera lens. You have to know how to take care of your equipment because this is the one thing that makes you do your job as a photographer.

This short guide will teach you different ways on how to safely accomplish a thorough lens cleanup. Read up so you will be confident enough to follow it.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

The most common method for cleaning camera lenses is through the use of microfiber clothes.

You may have already heard of this material as they are also used in cleaning smartphone and tablet screens.

To clean a camera lens, simply swipe a microfiber cloth over the lens and the camera’s rear element.

Pro-Tip: When using microfiber cloths, swipe the dust and oils away by running the cloth in a circular manner starting from the lens’ center.

Use a Soft-Bristled Brush

When cleaning camera lenses, other professionals prefer to use soft-bristled brushes made from camel hair.

Camel hair is known for their softness and are used on DSLR lenses because they are least likely to leave scratches on the lens.

Pro-Tip: Do not touch the brush’ bristles with your fingers because this will likely transfer oil and dust.

Use an Air Blower

To clean a camera lens, you will need to use a small air blower. These are specifically made for camera lenses and will blow away any accumulated dust.

They are sold in most camera stores and come small, pocket-sized versions. They can be used in combination with other lens cleaning materials.

These small blowers can also be used in cleaning the inner mechanisms of cameras. If you try it, be sure not to touch the digital sensors of your camera.

Lens Cleaning Solutions

Another way to clean your lens is by using commercial lens cleaning solutions. They are pre-mixed solutions of common substances that can clean lenses.

Isopropyl alcohol typically makes up these stuff. So if you have some reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol, then you can use that.

Pro-Tip: When using lens cleaning solutions, always squirt the liquid unto a microfiber cloth or lens cloth first before wiping it unto the lens surface. This lessens the amount of liquid that will run to the sides of the lens.

Lens Tissue

An inexpensive way to clean lenses is by using lens tissue. They work like microfiber cloths but are for single use only.

Do not, under any circumstances, re-use your lens tissue or your cleanup was all for nothing.

100% Cotton and A Warm Breath

If you find yourself in dire need to clean your camera’s lens and you couldn’t find any of the items mentioned above, you can resort to breathing over the lens and wiping itusing a shirt made with 100% cotton.

Remember that this is a worst case scenario and that you should not do this often.

Other Things to Remember

Do not use acetone. Yes, it is a good cleaner and dries quickly but it can react with the plastic frame making up the sides of your lens.

Do not use fabric softeners or clothes washed with fabric softeners. Like acetone, they react to and damage the lens’ surface and the camera’s plastic body.

While you are on the process of cleaning your lenses, remember to clean your camera’s rear body, too. Oftentimes, they can get as dirty as the lens.

Also, make sure to clean your camera bag regularly. This is the place where you store your lens and if they are dusty, your lens are bound to be in the same condition, too.

Remember that a speck of dust in your lens will not affect your pictures. It’s better to only clean your camera lens when your image quality is affected. This way, you do not risk getting scratches on your lens.

That’s it, those are the different ways how to clean your lens. Find out the materials that work best for you and your cameras, then go on snapping pictures to your heart’s content.