Best Point And Shoot For Video

Looking for the best point and shoot for video? If yes, then, you are in the perfect place. The following will guide you in your search for the best camera, which perfectly meets your requirements.

An ideal point and shoot camera is that, which can record videos at high resolution. The controls and menus should be easy to navigate to improve your experience while shooting videos.

Point And Shoot For Video Reviews

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

The Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II captures high resolution images that can take up to 8 fps. Canon’s new DIGIC 7 Image Processor enables it to take high quality images in whatever light condition.

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Sony DSCHX90

The Sony DSCHX90 is an 18.2 megapixel camera with Exmor R CMOS Sensor. Because of this feature, it can produce high quality images even in low light. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi.

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Canon Powershot G9 X

The Canon Powershot G9 X has High-Sensitivity CMOS sensors and a DIGIC 6 Image Processor. This 20.2 megapixel camera can capture lifelike images and full HD videos.

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Sony RX100 IV

The Sony RX100 IV can record high resolution videos with its 4K movie recording feature. It has a Retractable XGA OLED Tru-Finer viewfinder and a Sharp 3″ multi-angle LCD. It can also connect to smartphones through its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.

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Panasonic LUMIX LX100

The Panasonic LUMIX LX100 is a 12.8 megapixel camera with a Multi Aspect MOS Sensor. It has 4K Ultra HD video recording features and has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 has 30 times magnification and supports raw shooting. It is ideal for taking photos and videos in low light conditions. It produces sharp images even without using a flash.

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Ricoh GR II

The Ricoh GR II has Wi-Fi function, making it convenient for sharing files to smartphones. The advanced GR ENGINE V enables high sensitivity to produce photos with lesser noise in the images.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is a 20.2 megapixel camera with an Exmor CMOS sensor. It is suitable for extreme low light conditions. It has a manual control when recording full HD videos.

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Olympus Tough TG-4

The Olympus Tough TG-4 has a 1.5 inch LCD and a steady grip. It has an Olympus TG- Tracker and a high-speed 64GB microSDXC memory card.

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Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II

The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II is a 12.8 megapixel camera with a High Sensitivity CMOS Sensor. It also has a DIGIC 6 Image Processor. Its optical zoom can reach up to five times.

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Types of Point and Shoot

Point and shoot camera, also known as compact camera, is designed for simple operation. Its name basically explains the ease of its usage. All you have to do is point on something then shoot it.

Today’s point and shoot camera industry began releasing various types of cameras to cater to the customers’ different needs. They even innovated video production, making the process of shooting one easier without compromising quality. Knowing the types can help you decide which one fits your taste.

Basic Point and Shoot: For those who just want a simple and handy camera to carry around, this is the perfect option. They have auto modes that set the appropriate settings for your shot, and most of them even shoot 1080p HD video.

Advanced Point and Shoot: This type is similar to that of the basic point and shoot, except that this also provides manual controls. Manual controls help you adjust the aperture, shutter, and other settings to help you fine-tune your shots to your liking.

Megazoom: With a fixed-lens and high-zoom feature, this type is good for landscape, animal, or sports shots. It features versatile lenses that can shoot wide angle and offers up to 30x zooming. It also has manual controls.

Rugged Point and Shoot: If you’re one who is into extreme sports, snorkeling, mountain climbing, and the like then this type is ideal for you. While having lesser features than others, they are still durable and produce good underwater and adventure shots.

How to Select a Point and Shoot for Video

Once you have already decided on the type of point on shoot you want to get, check out these features before making your final purchase. These can help you determine which one can capture great videos:

Sensor Size: One mistake people make is looking into the number of megapixels only, believing that the higher the megapixels, the better shots they can take. You have to consider the megapixels in relation to the sensor size. Those with larger sensors can produce better quality shots.

Focus: Look for point and shoot cameras that provide good autofocus features. This will allow your lens to focus on the object you are trying to shoot even when it moves within the frame.

LCD quality: Selecting a camera with good LCD is important since this is where you frame and view your shots. Also, be sure that the LCD can keep up with the motion when you pan your camera.

Image Stabilization: This feature compensates for hand shakiness when taking photos or shooting videos. This can prevent blurry photos or shaky videos, unless you plan to use a tripod all the time.

HD Video: Most point and shoot cameras can capture HD videos. Be sure to check how long the camera can record on battery. Being able to zoom in and out while shooting is also a plus.

How to Maintain Point and Shoot Cameras

One of the secrets to taking good shots is knowing how your camera works and constantly cleaning it. You don’t want to ruin a supposedly great photo or video due to some dirt in the lenses. Here’s how to safely clean your point and shoot lenses:

Use a small blower brush to dust off some dirt from the lens. Do not blow on the lens. Some acids in your saliva might damage the lens’ coat.

Put 1-2 drops of lens cleaning solution onto a lens wipe. Then wipe it from the center all the way out in circular motions.

Aside from the lenses, your camera’s LCD should also be cleaned in order to get a better view of what you are trying to capture. Here’s how to do it:

Use a dry microfiber cloth to gently wipe away smudges, dust, and other dirt from your LCD screen. Avoid using your t-shirt for this purpose.

For spots that are more difficult to remove, dampen your microfiber cloth then wipe away the stubborn spots from the display.

Advantages of Having Point and Shoot for Video

Point and shoot cameras are becoming better in keeping up with the latest shooting trends and features. Lots of people prefer it over DSLRs when shooting videos on the go, especially vlogs. Here’s why:

Size & Weight: Point and shoot cameras are lightweight and can easily fit into one’s pocket, perfect for those who do not want to carry bulky cameras. This is also good for those who like to vlog, since there’s no need to carry a heavy camera.

Price: They are definitely way cheaper than DSLR cameras. P&S is recommended for those who just want a simple camera with a good quality to capture photos and videos for memories.

User-friendly: Point and shoot cameras are easy to use. Their controls and other options are easy to understand, and auto options will always be there to save those non-professionals who just want to shoot for keepsakes.

Fixed lens: If you’re the type who does not like bringing different kinds of equipment and accessories for your camera, then P&S is a good choice. Its fixed lens saves you the hassle of switching lenses while taking good shots.

Although point and shoot cameras may not be as good as DSLRs, some of them can still produce great quality shots if you know how to use their features. They are also convenient to use.

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